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Mrs. Miriam Yerushalmi revised (2).png
Mrs. Miriam Yerushalmi revised (2).png

For those who want to lend a compassionate ear to our fellow brothers and sisters who may be suffering.

Sign up here today to become a Sane Friend In Need volunteer.

One of the principle factors in the CBTT healing approach is to share Torah. As the Rebbe says, if you know Alef then teach Alef. If you have a little bit of light, that's all you need to share with someone else. According to CBTT, when you teach others Torah, Hashem sends an extra measure to help you in your own journey since you are now helping others. In addition to this, when there are two Jews together, there are two G-dly souls united against one animal soul. Since the G-dly soul yearns to be united they become one so to speak, since the animal soul desires division it remains separated even when others are around, thus two G-dly souls will over power one animal soul at a time. When you help someone, you are guaranteed help too.

Anyone is welcome to reach out to a Friend.

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