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Transform Lives!


               "Bringing G-d back into the Therapy room"  (Miriam Yerushalmi)

CBTT Therapists combine traditional and alternative therapies with chassidic philosophy and spiritual guidance to help families and individuals overcome obstacles and lead a life that is healthy in mind, body and in soul.

Cognitive Behavioural Torah Therapy Counselors have been trained under Miriam Yerushalmi. Please look at the CBTT page to learn more about this unique and powerful therapy.

Below are the list of Counselors who are available to help you. 

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Meet The Team


Luba Auva Perlov

My name is Luba Auva Perlov, I am a master of Spiritual Psychosomatic Coaching “Maor” by Dr.Irma Lurie.


 The opportunity to help people gives me great joy and inspiration. It is amazing to see how a person transforms during the session, blockages and difficulties disappear, inner strengths, awareness, passion and joy of life are coming forth!


 Topics with which people often turn to me: gaining self-confidence, fears, worries, psychological traumas, difficulties in relationships with a spouse, children, peers.


I successfully treated a case of spontaneous reversal of the baby from the breach position, at the 38th week of pregnancy and subsequent easy childbirth.

I work with older kids, teenagers and adults.

 The sessions are carried out via video or audio communication in Russian, English, and Hebrew.


I graduated from from the International School of Homeopathy, studying directly from Dr. Irma Lurie, the author of the method. Practicing the Maor coaching since 2018.



In addition to providing psychological assistance, I’m a professional artist, and author of the books “Let it Stay Between Us” about the Mikvah and “Diary of a Dreamer”, teaching Jewish tradition, and leading the Russian-speaking Jewish community in northern California.


I have a very creative approach to any area I come into contact with. It happens that some coaching sessions inspire me to paint!


I will be glad to help you!


WhatsApp +1(408)242-8025


Additional languages: Russian, Hebrew.

Works with: men, women, and teens.


Free consultation, $100 per hour for treatment.

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Devorah Hadassah Liebermann

MS- Speech Language Pathology

Certified Energy Practitioner 

Emuna based Resilience/Avoda Coach

Founder S.I.T.S Wellness Technique


Overall life resilience

Development / Brain (Speech/Memory) Enhancement and Avoda Alignment: Energy balancing via hands-on energy practitioner work (or long distance) and via integrative S.I.T.S (Sense-Intuit-Transcend-Serve) Wellness Emuna based Avoda Coaching sessions

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