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CBTT is a holistic analysis and it deals with the:

  • Nutrition and how it affects the brain and the soul

  • Existential issues. Some people have a meaningless life with no purpose and no mission

  • Soul and spiritual component in a person’s life.

As we strengthen the mind through nutrition, exercise, Torah and Prayer, one's soul is more redeemed.

Then one may have more strength to be and express who they really are.

The Alter Rebbe writes in Tanya: “ Moach shalit al halev” The mind rules over the Heart.


The emotional brain / heart / animal soul works 3-4 times faster than the rational / G-dly soul.

Naturally if we do not exercise our Soul / Intellect then we will continuously fall to our heart’s desires.


It happens with Baby steps. 

Through CBTT one will experience their progress and their Imperfections.


With time and more implementation of the CBTT tools to strengthen the soul daily, 

Hashem will do the rest and one will organically have a more rectified mind and heart.

The more rectified mind will rule over the heart and the person will be less and less at the mercy of their heart’s desire.

Then the true self, Pnimiut Halev will be able to come and rectify the mind in the ultimate

“Pnimiut Halev Shalit Al Hamoach”

Become a CBTT Counselor

There are four levels of CBTT certification.

At the basic level one will be able to counsel in CBTT, guiding the client on their journey through using the CBTT tools.

The second level certification allows one the CBTT understanding, appreciation and tools to counsel married couples.

The third level certification provides one with the knowledge needed to counsel children and parents 

The fourth level certification allows one to share a deeper level of spiritual healing. It is more intense and knowledge based information on the CBTT healing technicalities of transforming the animal soul. 


Your certification process

Cognitive Behavioural Torah Therapy

Step 1
Purchase and Learn the required books

The basic level requires one to purchase and learn Miriam Yerushalmi's book:

- 'Reaching New Heights Through Health and Happiness' 

The second level is for those who want to also be a Marriage CBTT Councelor.

The requirement is to purchase and learn the following books by Miriam Yerushalmi:

- 'Reaching New Heights Through Health and Happiness'

- 'Reaching New Heights Through Kindness in Marriage'

The third level is to be able to counsel children.
The requirement is to purchase and learn the following books written by Miriam:

'Reaching New Heights Through Health and Happiness'

The deeper level requires one to purchase and learn the following books by Miriam Yerushalmi:

- 'Reaching New Heights Through Health and Happiness'

- 'Reaching New Heights Through Prayer and Meditation'

Step 2
Learn the Classes
Watch the required classes under the relevant topics and study them.
For CBTT training watch emotional mastery videos, physical health videos, and CBTT support videos and
CBTT Training videos.
If you are learning to work with kids, watch the parenting and brain training with Aunty Mimi videos.
For Marriage training watch the marriage videos.
If you come across anything difficult to understand or anything you want to learn more about, look it up among Miriam's many recorded videos that are uploaded on her youtube channels. 'Miriam Yerushalmi', and Miriam Yerushalmi Reaching New Heights.
Step 3
Book appointments with Miriam so she can gage your grasp of CBTT

After your learning one book and the relevant classes, book an appointment with Miriam so you can talk together. Ask her any questions that need resolving, point out any difficulties that come up for you. The goal is that you will take in and make the information your own, through your own way of understanding and explaining it.

After each book and the relevant classes, book an appointment with Miriam to make sure you understand everything. 

Step 4
When Miriam finds you're ready, you will receive a certificate of accomplishment as a CBTT Counselor. 

Donations are welcome at the end of the process upon certification.

If you want to be featured on our website, it is free of charge. However, we welcome donations.

If you receive a client from our website, we ask that you donate back into our organisation for all of our effort. 

The mission to help others is ever growing and demanding. We aim to help as many people as possible.

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To support you on this journey we encourage you to join the wattsap group CBTT SANE PRACTIONERS FORUM. 

Miriam Yerushalmi is on this group, as well as currently training and certified CBTT Counselors.

You can post any questions or thoughts and interact with other counselors as you learn CBTT and deal with real clients after your certification . 

Become a CBTT Counselor

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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